Louisville Housing Reports by MLS Area

Photo of a home in Little Spring Farm for the Louisville KY Housing Reports page

Homes like this one in Little Spring Farm have great appeal and are reasonably priced. Louisville KY also has one of the lowest cost of living in the US!

Welcome to the #1 source for Louisville Housing Reports!

These reports are created monthly for 8 MLS areas and quarterly for the remaining 7 by expert Louisville Realtor, Tre Pryor. Mr. Pryor has been creating these reports since 2006. You won’t find anything like them on any other website.

Each of these housing reports for Louisville, Kentucky is created for a specific MLS area, as defined by the Greater Louisville Association of Realtors. They are published near the start of each month.

Our Louisville Housing Report graphics contain both home sales and median home prices for the past 12 months. Charts are used so that readers can quickly and easily see how the Louisville real estate market is performing in their area.

These reports are provided free of charge so that you can make better home buying and selling decisions here in Louisville. If you need even more specific information about your neighborhood, please contact me.

Monthly Louisville Housing Reports

Here are the reports I create each and every month.

Quarterly Louisville Housing Reports

These are created every quarter.

Custom reports can also be generated for clients. The goal, as always, is for you to be armed with accurate information to help you make the best possible decision in your home buying transaction.

If you would like to use one of our stories or graphics on another Web site, we generally grant permission provided the story or graphic is not modified and Louisville Homes Blog is cited at the author by providing a link back to this site.

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