Average Home Price in Louisville Kentucky

Here at Louisville Homes Blog, we have data on just about every aspect of Louisville real estate. Mouse over the Housing Reports tab above and see all of them! We update the average home price in Louisville Kentucky each month.

We track both the median and average sales price for homes sold in Louisville, Kentucky for the past 36 months. To clarify, people think of “Louisville” in many different ways. It used to be simply the Louisville city limit then the city and county governments merged in 2003. Currently, all of Jefferson County is considered Louisville.

Practically speaking, many of us think of our neighboring counties (Oldham, Shelby, Spencer, and Bullitt) as being part of Louisville, as well. Who am I to say they’re wrong?

Average Home Price in Louisville

But for the purpose of this page tracking the average home price in Louisville, we’re just going to focus on all of Jefferson Couty. Below you’ll see the most recent chart for both the average and median prices for going back three years.

Average Home Price in Louisville Kentucky

Average Home Price in Louisville Kentucky, 3 Year Chart of Average Price and Median Price through December 2020
Chart of 3-Year Average Home Price in Louisville Kentucky through September 2020

Per this chart, the current average home price in Louisville is $243,794. The median price of homes sold this past month is $208,000.

Homes Prices Updated Monthly for These Areas

We also have monthly housing reports that include home sales and prices for the following MLS areas:

  • The Highlands [Area 2] (Also includes: Butchertown, Germantown, Parkway Village, Audubon Park, Seneca Gardens, Tyler Park and nearby areas.)
  • St. Matthews [Area 3] (Also includes: Crescent Hill, Clifton, Mockingbird Gardens, Mockingbird Valley, Indian Hills, Cherokee Gardens, Rolling Fields and nearby areas.)
  • Okolona [Area 6] (Also includes: Newburg, Highview, Fern Creek, Buechel, Cooper Farms and nearby areas.)
  • Jeffersontown [Area 7] (Also includes: Fern Creek, Hikes Point, Stony Brook, Houston Acres, Hurstbourne Acres, St. Regis Park, Billtown Farms, Saratoga Woods, Saratoga Springs, Shakes Run, Glenmary/Glenmary Estates, Stone Lakes, Watterson Woods, and nearby areas.)
  • Middletown [Area 8] (Also includes: Hurstbourne, Douglass Hills, Anchorage, Plainview, Arlington Meadows, Forest Springs, Glen Lakes, Lake Forest, Locust Creek, Polo Fields, Woodmont, and nearby areas.)
  • Prospect [Area 9] (Also includes: Anchorage, Glenview, Lyndon, Norton Commons, Springhurst, Beech Spring Farm, Hunting Creek/Hunting Creek Estates, Graymoor/Devondale, Oakhurst, Rock Springs, and nearby areas.)
  • North Oldham County [Area 20]
  • South Oldham County [Area 21]

Homes Prices Updated Quarterly for These Areas

Then we do quarterly housing reports for these MLS areas:

Lastly, we track all of Louisville home sales (Jefferson County) for the past six years in a handy, easy-to-read chart, as well.

So, if there’s anything we don’t have that you’d like to see, just contact us! We’re a bunch of number geeks so new projects are always welcome!