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Louisville Homes Blog is the #1 blog in the city for home buyers and sellers in our city! With a following this large, we’re a great place to help promote your Louisville business.

  1. Promote Your Louisville Business with a Company Spotlight (Free)

    Want more people to know about your business? Sure! Who doesn’t?

    Please contact us to see if your Louisville business qualifies. If you do, this a free service that helps spread the work about your company and will even link to your Web site which helps search engine rankings.

  2. Promote Your Louisville Business by Becoming a Contributor (Free)

    If you love to write and are involved with involved with either Louisville real estate or another home services company here in our city, they you might be just who we’re looking for.

    If accepted as a contributing author, you will receive a bio paragraph that may include a link to your site. This will increase both your visibility in the Greater Louisville area and your reputation as a subject-matter expert in your field.

  3. Promote Your Louisville Business by Advertising (Affordable)

    Then there’s always advertising! There are several Advertising options that will promote your Louisville business.

    The owner of LHB reserves the right to reject an ad based on subject matter. Traffic data is available upon request.

If you want to promote your Louisville business in any of these three ways, please contact our Editor-in-Chief at:

editor [at] LouisvilleHomesBlog [dot] com

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