Louisville Real Estate Reports for February 2013 – Charts

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3/4/2013 – Most areas in this month’s Louisville real estate reports are holding steady with previous levels, waiting to see what happens in the new year.

Sales were up in 4 of the 7 profiled areas, while home prices held mostly steady, except for the large drop in Area 2 (see below).

February is traditionally an under-performing time period as home buyers and sellers are just now starting to think about the Spring selling period. After next month, we’ll have a better feel whether 2013 will be a repeat of 2012 or something more.

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Louisville Real Estate Reports (period ending February 2013)

Chart: Louisville Real Estate Report for Area 2 in Louisville KY
Louisville KY Real Estate Areas Map
Louisville MLS Areas Map
Not a good month for Louisville Area 2, as home sales have stalled and the median sold price dropped to the lowest amount since last February. The trendline continues to move higher so let’s hold off a couple of months before we discount this area too much.

Chart: Louisville Real Estate Report for Area 3 in Louisville KY
Last February, 51 homes were sold in this area. This year? Just 45. The weather hasn’t been that great but it also hasn’t been terrible and with the other factors staying quite favorable, it’s tough to like what’s happening here. The good news is that home prices are still up.

Chart: Louisville Real Estate Report for Area 6 in Louisville KY
This area performed a bit better than the first two in the sales category improving over last year’s number by 3 homes. Home prices here are well below the trendline but February has traditionally been a poor performing month in Louisville real estate.

Chart: Louisville Real Estate Report for Area 7 in Louisville KY
Not the best month for home sales in Area 7 with just 71 homes sold during the month. Keep in mind this is a fairly large geographic area with a large number of units. Prices are more inspiring but just barely, as the monthly data point dips before the 1-year trend line.

Chart: Louisville Real Estate Report for Area 8 in Louisville KY
This February has this area basically in a holding pattern. Prices remain largely unchanged and home sales are in almost a dead-heat with the previous year. March will tell us much more about where 2013 will ultimately go.

Chart: Louisville Real Estate Report for Area 9 in Louisville KY
Area 9 is one of the stronger performers for the month with both home prices up and the number of homes sold better than the previous year by 12 units for a 20% gain. Looking month to month is fairly short-sighted but it’s fun, like watching the score of a basketball game bounce up and down.

Chart: Louisville Real Estate Report for Area 20 in Louisville KY
After a couple of stellar months, Area 20 has come back to earth. Home sales were actually 4 units behind the previous year and home prices are holding steady, almost exactly on top of the trend.

Chart: Louisville Real Estate Report for Area 21 in Louisville KY
Home sales in this area weren’t superior, like January, but were still quite solid. Prices are holding steady in this transitional period.

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